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Our vision is to research and develop more and more types of lashes to cater to different styles, eye shapes and occasions.


Why Choose Mona?

  • Vegan

    Beauty should never come at the expense of innocent lives.

  • Cruelty free

    None of our products is created by or tested on animals

  • Reuseable

    Can be reused 15 times+ with proper care.

  • Handmade

    The handmade nature of our lashes guarantees uniqueness and character.

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The best compliment I received was “are those extensions”. Lash extension service costs about $130, I was getting them monthly until I discovered mona eyelashes! My best friend thought they were my extensions. They’re easy to apply. You know they’re in place but they don’t irritate my skin. They’re extremely easy to remove.


These have become my go to lashes, they are a must reorder on my cosmetics list. I would describe them as wispy, lightweight, fluffy “natural” lashes! I have gotten so many compliments about them.

Jessica G.

LOVE THESE! They look just like lash extensions at a fraction of the price. These are so lightweight and comfortable and can last 1-2 weeks if applied correctly. I cut them up to make lash clusters and apply them with Bond & Seal. Amazing quality and can last if you apply them correctly and care for them gently.


I’m a Makeup artist & these are really great light weight lashes for an amazing affordable price. I’ll be ordering more for my kit!

Guadalupe Marie