Which lash type suit for you?

Which lash type suit for you?

As a beginner in wearing eyelashes, facing various types of false eyelashes might make you confusing because each type has its characteristics and suitable occasions. As someone who frequently wears false eyelashes, although you may be more familiar with some of the eyelash types available in the market, sometimes still feel hesitant and uncertain when encountering unfamiliar types. This article will introduce several types of eyelashes that are relatively common at present, and some suggestions for you to choose the lashes.



Strip Lashes

Pros: Strip lashes are the most common type, easy to wear, and suitable for beginners. They usually have longer length and thickness, significantly enhancing the eye makeup. By applying glue and sticking them to the natural lashes' roots, you can quickly achieve a makeup look, suitable for daily and special occasions.

Cons: The strip of the lashes can be wide, sometimes covering the entire eyeliner, making the eye makeup appear a bit harsh. For those unfamiliar with wearing lashes, some practice might be needed to ensure a secure attachment and natural integration with the natural lashes.

Recommendation: If you are an eyelash novice, start with strip lashes and choose more natural styles to gradually familiarize yourself with the wearing process. Strip lashes are also a good choice for occasions where a more voluminous and dramatic effect is desired.



Half Lashes 

Pros: Half lashes are approximately half or one-third the length of strip lashes, suitable for individuals with naturally dense lashes but looking to add volume at the outer or middle sections of the eyes. They can blend well with the natural lashes, creating a more natural eye makeup look.

Cons: The limited length of half lashes might not provide an overall lengthening effect. Half lashes usually require combining them with other products like cluster lashes or mascara to achieve the desired effect.

Recommendation: If your natural lashes are already dense but you want to add volume at the outer or middle sections of the eyes, you can try half lashes. Combining them with cluster lashes or mascara will help create a natural and seamless eye makeup.


Individual Lashes

Pros: Individual lash also called cluster lash, it is be originated from cutting the strip lash into several pieces. It is easier to create a natural and three-dimensional effect. You can adjust the positioning of each cluster based on your eye shape and preferences, enabling better integration with the natural lashes.

Cons: Applying cluster lashes requires more experience and skill, which might pose a challenge for beginners. Careful application is necessary to ensure each cluster adheres well to the natural lashes.

Recommendation: If you desire a natural and three-dimensional eye makeup effect and have some experience with wearing lashes, you can try cluster lashes. You can also layer them on top of strip or half lashes to add depth to your makeup.


Eyelash Extensions:

Pros: Eyelash extensions are a very detailed type of lash, and can create the most natural effect. It is designed to be single strands, so they closely resemble real eyelashes.

Disadvantages: Grafting eyelashes requires superb technology and is usually done by makeup artists or professionals. It is not a common type of lashes, and it is difficult and time-consuming for normal makeup wearers to wear on their own.

Suggestion: Eyelash extensions are suitable for special occasions or professional makeup needs. If you are not a professional or a makeup artist, you generally do not need to consider this type of eyelashes.


Ultimately, the choice should be based on personal needs, experience level, and desired makeup effect. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced wearer, continuously trying different types of eyelashes and gradually mastering the techniques will help you find the most suitable eyelash category for yourself.

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