Bond & Seal: Innovative Adhesive for False Individual Lashes

Bond & Seal: Innovative Adhesive for False Individual Lashes

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  • How long can my lashes last with Bond & Seal?



What is Bond & Seal?

Bond & Seal is a revolutionary 2-in-1 adhesive designed for false eyelashes. One end features "Bond," used to attach false eyelashes to your natural lashes. Unlike conventional eyelash glue, Bond wouldn't get fully cured after air drying, it keeps the attached lashes soft and flexible and prevents breakage The other end contains "Seal," which, when applied after using Bond, secures the adhered lashes, adding additional shine to your lashes and providing durability and waterproofing.


How to Use Bond & Seal:


  1. Begin with clean and dry natural lashes. Apply a small amount of Bond (avoid excessive application, as you wouldn't want it to spread everywhere when blinking) similar to applying mascara. Gently and evenly brush a thin layer onto your natural lashes.
  2. Place cluster lashes segment by segment beneath your natural lashes. Ensure a safe distance from your waterline. If you're a beginner, consider applying and placing the false lashes from the outer to the inner corner in 2-4 steps.
  3. Once the lashes are in place, apply a thin layer of Seal beneath the lashes.
  4. After completing the above steps, it's recommended to use an applicator to gently press the lashes to ensure better adherence to Bond & Seal.


How long can my lashes last with Bond & Seal?

When used with cluster lashes for DIY eyelash styling, Bond & Seal provides a natural and enduring effect, similar to the results of professional eyelash extensions. This look can typically last around 7 days. Additionally, Bond & Seal can also be used with strip lashes. To remove, soak a cotton pad in makeup remover, place it on your lashes for a moment, and then gently wipe off the lashes.


Embrace the freedom to express your unique style without limitations. With Bond & Seal, your eyelash game reaches new heights. Your lashes will feel remarkably soft and lightweight, enhancing your overall comfort. The Seal element adds that extra touch of security, holding your meticulously placed lashes in position, even through the challenges of everyday life.


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