5 common mistakes of false lashes and how to avoid them

5 common mistakes of false lashes and how to avoid them

I bought a terrible glue, it doesn't work

This issue often arises when applying the glue to the lash band and immediately trying to wear the lashes. However, this is incorrect. Allow the glue to air-dry for 30-60 seconds until it becomes slightly tacky and changes from milky white to a transparent state, then apply the false lashes. This will ensure a secure adhesion for all day and prevent the lashes from falling off.

Clear lash glue dry


My eyes are uncomfortable when being with false lashes:

Before wearing false lashes, measure the length of the false lashes against your eye line. Trim them if they are too long to ensure a comfortable fit. If the lash band is too long, it can cause discomfort during wear. Additionally, don't discard the trimmed lashes, you can layer them for a clustered lash effect!

 measure the length of the false lashes against your eye line


Why my false lashes are so delicate:

False lashes are crafted from fine fibers to mimic natural hair, making them lightweight. When handling false lashes, whether removing them from the tray or cleaning them, be gentle. Use tweezers or fingers to hold the lash band, not the delicate fibers at the base, to prevent fiber fall off or breakage.

removing false lashes from the tray




False lashes always damage my natural lashes:

Make sure that the false eyelash band is attached to the skin as close to your natural eyelash line as possible, not directly on your natural lashes. (About how to apply lashes, please refer to our article: Step-by-step guide on applying strip lashes). Improper removal can lead to pulling out your own lashes along with the false lashes. If you're using cluster lashes with bond & seal, gently press a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover against the lashes to loosen the adhesive before removal.

how to apply eyelashes



My false lashes band getting hard and misshapen:

Accumulated glue from each application can cause false lashes to become stiff and lose their shape. This is very common, regularly cleaning your false lashes can restore their original softness and shape. Refer to our article: How to clean false lashes for guidance on maintaining their quality. A good cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your false lashes.

How to clean false lashes


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