How to Choose the Right Lash Applicator or Tweezers?

How to Choose the Right Lash Applicator or Tweezers?

Using tweezers or lash applicators can greatly enhance the precision and ease of applying false lash strips or individual lashes. For beginners, selecting the right applicator can be a bit challenging. This article provides three helpful tips on how to choose the perfect lash applicator.

1. Consider the Color:

Choosing applicators in your favorite colors can enhance your mood. When purchasing applicators, check if they are available in multiple colors. We offer three color options for you to choose from:


Rose Gold

Matte Silver


2. Determine the Use:

Once you've selected your preferred color, it's important to understand the different types of applicators and their intended uses.

  • Curved Lash Applicator:

The curved design of this applicator is ideal for aligning fake lashes with your natural lash line. You can either clamp or press false lashes in place using the curved end. Its ergonomic design ensures precise control over the pressure applied to the lashes, making it easy and safe to use, especially for lash beginners.

Curved Lash Applicator

  • 2 in 1 Lash Applicator & Comb:

This applicator is more suitable for individual lashes. It features a lash tweezer on one end and a comb on the other. The tweezer offers a secure yet delicate grip on your lashes, ensuring safety during application. The comb end is designed to blend and remove clumps from your eyelashes seamlessly.
2 in 1 Lash Applicator & Comb:

  • High-Precision Lash Tweezers:

These tweezers have a slant-point tip for precision. They are excellent for picking up lashes from the tray with ease. To use them, gently lift a section of the eyelash band from one end and grasp the shovel-shaped eyelash band to remove the full eyelashes slowly, preventing damage to the fibers. These tweezers can also be used for brow and facial hair tweezing.
High-Precision Lash Tweezers


3. Consider the Material:

Monaeyelashes applicators and tweezers are made from stainless steel, offering superior calibrated tension and perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips. This ensures that our tweezers close evenly and firmly, allowing for precise lash grabbing. Additionally, stainless steel is highly durable and easy to clean.

By considering color, purpose, and material, you can confidently select the right lash applicator or tweezers that suit your preferences and needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient false lash application experience.

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